Tiny House Regulations Kansas

Last updated on February 7th, 2020 at 05:57 pm

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Tiny houses built on foundations:
    • Unless stated otherwise, some areas state that at least one room must be 120 square feet and other rooms–except for the kitchen and bathroom–must be at least 50 square feet (according to IRC 2012).
    • The smallest single-dwelling residential district you can build in is RS3 and has a 3,000 square foot minimum lot size.
    • ADUs are permitted in RS7, RS10, RS20, and RS40 single-dwelling residential districts. They are not permitted in RS5 or RS3 districts.
    • The use of solar power is allowed. Small wind devices are also permitted within setbacks and 35 foot height limit. Propane is regulated by the IFC.
    • Composting toilets are not permitted.
  • Tiny houses on wheels:
    • Camping in a tiny house is only allowed on an approved campground.
    • No codes currently allow you to park on private land or backyard.


Generally, Kansas has embraced tiny homes that are built on foundations, but the state is less accepting of tiny homes on wheels. Specific regulations are defined at the county level, but some laws and regulations are prevalent throughout most or all of the state. For tiny houses built on a foundation, the minimum square footage permitted is 170 square feet. This should be comprised of one room that is at least 150 square feet. A second room, which cannot be the kitchen or bathroom, should be at least 50 square feet. All tiny houses built on a foundation must be constructed on a lot with an area of at least 3,000 square feet. The smallest zoning district where tiny houses are permitted is RS3.

If the tiny house is classified as an ADU, it cannot be built in an RS3 or RS5 zoning district. These types of tiny homes can only be constructed in single dwelling residential zoning areas that include RS40, RS, RS10 and RS7. Regardless of the zoning district, composting toilets are not allowed. However, solar power is permitted, and propane gas use is permitted under IFC regulations. A tiny house may also use small wind generation systems with a maximum height of 35 feet and according to setback restrictions.

If you prefer to live in a tiny house on wheels in Kansas, you cannot park the home in a backyard or anywhere on private land. The tiny house can only be placed in a designated campground.

City of Haysville, Kansas Adopts Tiny House Development Regulations. Follow the Link below:

City Tiny House Regulations Allowing TH Development

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