Tiny House Regulations New Mexico

Tiny House Friendly: 810

  • A tiny house must have on room that’s at least 70 square feet and not less than 7 feet in any one direction (including ceiling height).
  • Each tiny house must have sanitary facilities including toilet, sink, and either a bath or shower.
  • Bathroom and kitchen sink must have both hot and cold water.
  • Plumbing fixtures must be connected to an approved sewage system.
  • The tiny house must sit on a permanent foundation.
  • The tiny house must meet the requirements of the New Mexico Energy Conservation Code.
  • Other requirements include windows, permanent heating facilities, wall-switch lighting, bathroom windows or exhaust fans, smoke alarms, and a door to the outside that’s at least 32 inches wide by 78 inches high.

The city of Albuquerque provides guidelines for building a tiny house. Converting a tiny house on wheels into a legal dwelling with a certificate of occupancy is also possible. You need a permit to anchor the tiny home to some kind of foundation. Similarly to a manufactured tiny house, you are able to move the structure in the future. Tiny houses on wheels must be built to residential code standards, as well as the ANSI codes that regulate the construction of RVs.