Tiny House Regulations Michigan

Last updated on February 7th, 2020 at 05:40 pm

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Briley Township in Northern Michigan has defined a new type of dwelling, and refers to it as an ‘Economy Efficient Dwelling.’
    • Economy Efficient Dwelling is a dwelling that is more than 240 square feet and less than 500 square feet with a minimum side elevation of no less than 12 feet and no more than 20 feet, minimum length of 20 feet and a maximum length of 30 feet built to all Michigan building and sanitary codes and qualifies for a certificate of occupancy.
    • An economy efficient dwelling must be placed on a permanent approved foundation.
    • These homes are allowed in residential 2, forest rec, and agriculture areas.

Michigan has adopted their zoning regulations to be more tiny house-friendly. There is some discussion to get ADUs to be allowed in residential areas. Generally, Michigan law requires Houses to be built to Code and no less than 500 square feet.