Tiny House Regulations Kentucky

Tiny House Friendly: 510

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Tiny homes are allowed in Louisville Metro provided they apply with the following codes:
    • Permanent/site-built: These tiny homes built on a foundation are reviewed and processed the same as any new home.
    • Prefabricated/modular: Tiny house kits can fall under this category. They are typically fabricated off-site, assembled on-site, and then placed on foundations. Additional documentation and review may be required with this option. If the structure is assembled completely off-site then it would be classified as “pre-manufactured,” and would require prior approval by the state.
    • Portable: Tiny houses on wheels would fall under this category, and would not be intended for permanent placement on a site. Tiny houses on wheels are still subject to zoning requirements.

Conversations are moving forward concerning tiny houses in the state of Kentucky. While Louisville seems to be giving the nod to tiny, other areas have yet to address them officially. Similarly to many other states, the further away from the city you go, the more “grey area” it becomes to live in a tiny house.