Tiny House Regulation Minnesota

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • For zoning purposes, there are two common types of tiny houses in Minnesota: RVs and ADUs (accessory dwelling units).
  • ADUs on a foundation fall under the same Minnesota State Building Code as all housing.

While tiny houses are more in demand than ever, finding a place to park or build proves tricky. However, a number of municipalities are in support of tiny homes as an option for the elderly, disabled, or those nearing end of life.

Minnesota defines tiny houses in two specific ways for zoning purposes. It defines a tiny house on wheels as an RV. Permanent tiny houses that are site-built are accessory dwelling units. ADUs must be built on a foundation in Minnesota, and they must comply with the same building codes that cover all other residential structures in the state. While finding the right location to build or park a tiny house in Minnesota can be challenging, many areas are increasingly considering these homes to be a viable solution for affordable housing for seniors and disabled residents.

Minnesota Building Codes