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Quad 39000 BTU 3.25-Ton 21.8 SEER Multi (4) Zone Wall Mount Air Conditioner Heat Pump 230-Volt

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Pioneer brand multi split heat pump system, complete set. System components include: one multi zone outdoor unit, matching multiple wall mount indoor units, piping and accessory kits and remote controllers. Pioneer multi split systems are available in 4 versions; for 2, 3, 4 and 5 zones.

  • Ultra-high efficiency inverter++ ductless multi split quad (4) zone heat pump system
  • (x4) inside unit cooling capacity: (3x) 9,000 BTU/H (1x) 12,000 BTU/H nominal capacity, condensing system 36,000 BTU/H (Range: 8,789 minimum - 40,228 maximum) with 21.8 SEER efficiency
  • Heating capacity: 37,000 BTU/H nominal (range 6,900 minimum - 46,624 maximum) with 11.5 HSPF efficiency
  • Voltage: 208 - 230-Volt, 60 hertz, 1 phase (standard household 2 line power, l1-l2-g)
  • Complete system set including: 4x indoor (fan coil) sections, outdoor (condenser) section, wireless remote controller with optional wi-fi, insulated flared line set with other installation accessories
  • Unsurpassed support hotline covering installation, use, troubleshooting, warranty and parts issues
  • Low ambient system can heat down to -13°F ambient outdoor temperatures
  • Pioneer is the best choice for pros and homeowners with the highest ratings for consumer satisfaction
  • Certified by: ETL, AHRI, DOE for safety, performance and efficiency
  • Built with the latest technologies using pulse width modulation driven DC inverter compressor and variable speed DC inverter fan motors for high performance and low power consumption

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