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Heatworks Model 3 Ohmic Array Technology Tankless Water Heater (PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL)

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Introducing the MODEL 3 Tankless Electric Water Heater

Powered by our patented Ohmic Array Technology, the MODEL 3 is a smart, electric tankless water heater that provides endless hot water on-demand for houses, apartments, and points-of-use. The MODEL 3 installs like any other tankless electric water heater and can be used in new construction or as a replacement to any gas or electric tank or tankless water heater. Add it to an existing hot water system as a booster or install the MODEL 3 closer to the point of use for up to 10% in water and 25-40% in energy savings each month. But what really sets the MODEL 3 apart is how it heats water.




Take a peek inside our electric tankless water heater. No metal heating elements here.

That 150-year-old technology has one fundamental flaw: the metal heating elements get very hot, and the minerals found naturally in the water stick to them. Limescale forms, energy efficiency is lost, and eventually the elements will fail. Instead, the MODEL 3 uses electronic controls to pass controlled electric currents through the water. This transfer converts electrical energy into thermal energy, creating endless hot water, on-demand, at the temperature you want. And because no scale forms, there is never a loss of energy efficiency. No metal heating elements to replace. No maintenance, period.

The best electric water heater available on the market today.

We get it. Buying a new electric water heater is about as fun as getting a tooth pulled. That’s why we designed the MODEL 3 to be the best in its class. It heats water in the simplest, purest and most efficient way.

Ohmic Array Technology

The MODEL 3 is the only water heater in the world to use Ohmic Array Technology instead of metal heating elements to rust or scale.

Energy Efficient

The MODEL 3 is highly efficient as it only uses power when hot water is needed. Install it nearer to the point of use for up to 10% in water and 25-40% in energy savings.

Zero Maintenance

The MODEL 3 requires NO annual maintenance or NO heating elements to change out.


Not only will you get endless hot water, the MODEL 3 comes with an industry-leading, 6-year full unit exchange warranty.

Control and monitor your hot water usage from anywhere.

Our WiFi-enabled mobile app allows you to remotely control the temperature of the water, monitor the amount of hot water and energy used each day in your home, and even estimate how much hot water is actually costing you. Turn the water heat down when the babysitter comes for peace of mind (or to get that teenager out of that too-long shower).

  • MODEL 3 app download on app store
  • MODEL 3 app download on app store
MODEL 3 app

Technical Specs

technical specs of MODEL 3


35 lbs.
3/4” NPT male connections
Digital Controls
LED panel, Full Wi-Fi connectivity & mobile app
Standard Warranty
6-year full unit exchange; Optional 4-year extended warranty available

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