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15K BTU Package Terminal A/C with 3.5kW Electric Heat 9.5 EER

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These Units are only now Sold by the Truckload (182 Units) for a Discounted Rate. Not sold Individually. Please contact us for Truckload Pricing.

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About PTAC (Hotel Style) Units

Last time you stayed in a hotel, what did you value most? While you likely enjoyed a modern lobby, fluffed pillows, clean towels every day and a diverse, delicious room service menu, it’s indoor comfort that determines whether a hotel stay is pleasant or not. When guests stay at your hotel, they’re looking for a retreat — a place to unwind. A crucial aspect of an outstanding hotel stay experience is air conditioning.

Having a comfortable room temperature is equated with an enjoyable, comfortable stay at a hotel. Many hospitality venues struggle with the costs and complexities of having effective heating and cooling systems for individual rooms. Large hotels often use centralized air conditioners, and each room is vented through a central cooling unit, but this system is costly and doesn’t offer personalized comfort. What many premier hotels and venues are turning to is a PTAC system.

A package terminal air conditioner (PTAC) is a single cabinet, 'through-the-wall' unit built to deliver single-zone cooling and/or heating air comfort. Rarely a feature of modern home design, PTACs are typically found in hotels, hospitals, one bedroom apartments, college rental units, or other locations where single-zone air conditioning is required. They are relatively compact, easy to install, and effective in their specific application.

What Is a PTAC?

If you stay at a hotel and see an individual unit in your room, that’s a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC). These systems are the best setup for single-room applications and perform better and more efficiently than a through-the-wall air conditioner or window unit. With PTAC units for every room, hotels can easily adapt to specific guest comfort expectations all year long at a lower cost.

Many hotels are updating their cooling efforts to include PTAC systems because they offer a variety of unmatched benefits, such as:

  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Cost-effective cooling
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable, consistent operations
  • Supplemental cooling capabilities

Is a PTAC the Best Air Conditioning Unit for a Hotel?

Travelers wandering across the globe are looking for more innovative hotels and seeking exceptional comfort and convenience wherever they stay. To stay ahead of the competition and give guests exactly what they’re looking for, is a PTAC the most practical, effective cooling system available?

PTAC technology is constantly evolving and improving, with manufacturers developing high-quality and versatile heating and cooling solutions to meet the needs of hotels and their clients. PTAC units feature a variety of benefits that hotel owners and managers can’t ignore, like:

  • Outstanding performance: PTAC units are available in a variety of setups depending on your needs — choose from electric A/C units with a heat strip backup, heat pump setups capable of electric-powered heating and cooling, and electric heating and air systems.
  • Energy-efficient operations: Many manufacturers have created PTAC systems with several upgraded energy-saving features like digital touch pad controls for precise temperature adjustments, sleep modes, and set-point stoppers.
  • Flexible design: PTAC units are ductless and easy to install in any hotel building. They can easily be adapted to suit specific structural or design considerations.
  • Cost-effective usage: With inexpensive installation and maintenance costs, PTAC systems are incredibly cost-effective heating and cooling systems for hotels and other locations.

Guarantee a Comfortable and Relaxing Stay with PTAC Units

In customer service based industries, experiences can make or break the success of a business. For hotels, that means ensuring a comfortable stay, and a PTAC system is the best way to ensure a great experience. Use PTAC systems available at to enhance your customer experience and ensure consistent, personalized comfort for everyone. Shop electric hotel heating and cooling units today and experience the difference these PTAC systems can make in your operations!

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