Slow Moving but new things…

It seems like an eternity since my last post.  At times things seem to slow down and not move as fast as anyone would like.  With my line of business and in Florida, my work has rolled into our annual busy season. That’s the reason I haven’t been able to post as I should, or, would like to.  Work has just been keeping me busy!

In the near future, I plan to retire from my current business and began work with my wife on our future homestead.  We made the decision to move near our Property and rent a cabin from one of our future neighbors. As remote as the property is, we knew it would be a good idea to live close and pace ourselves to complete our cabin.  We are hoping for a smooth transition now that we have a septic tank, water, and electric service in place.

While we have also been planning our move.. we setup a Homesteading Store on the Blog. You can find some exciting Homestead items Here

Be sure to check out our Line of Mini-Split Systems or PEX plumbing supplies and Kits for Cabins and Tiny Houses.  Any and All profits will be used to maintain the Blogs and helps us to finish our cabin.