Preparing The Land For Our Homestead

Over the past few weeks my wife and I have discussed our next moves to get our future homestead going and making it livable.  We really needed to decide how we want the property laid out, where the cabin will be placed, and other necessities that we will need. Since the property is now raw land, it is going to be a learning experience to start fresh.

Hiring a Contractor

We began by finding a contractor and asking for a quote to clear the land for us. We had originally thought about doing it ourselves by hand but knew that would be time consuming and too physically demanding.  Hiring a contractor would also make the process go much faster and easier.

When we began talking to the contractor, we also learned he is a licensed septic system installer. This was perfect for our needs and turned into a win-win for us as it was cheaper to get everything done at once since the trip-charge alone to bring all the equipment our remote property is significant.

The Septic System

During the permitting process the Inspector draws a diagram on the permit indicating where the tank and drain field should go on the property. That’s where he did the “percolation test.’ This will give us an idea of where we would need to put the cabin on the property and any electrical poles and water lines. No one wants a power pole or water line in the middle of a septic field!

Running Electric

Our contractor also recommended a local electrician to help us with the electric grid hookup.  We found that the best way to obtain electric on our property would be having an electrician install an RV service pole on the property. Depending on the type of dwelling you want for your residence, it can really make more sense to go with an RV service hookup.

Although the RV hookup is a bit more expensive up-front, it was the best move for use. It meant we could get the pedestal installed and approved by the inspector then could easily place a cabin on the property and simply “plug it in.” Usually, the electric companies will not provide power to your property until they see some type of construction in progress, but the inspector advised us this would work for our situation.

Moving Forward

Even though we would like things to move a little faster, we plan on early June to meet the contractor when he clears the property and installs the septic system. We will take some time before his arrival to decide what part of the property we want cleared and where exactly to place the septic tank.

Our visit will also give us a chance to apply for electric and water service.

Once we have level ground and utility connections, we’ll be ready to move forward with our cabin.

Our Contractor

If you happen to need land clearing or septic installation in the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee, we recommend you contact Benton Tucker at Tucker Farms LLC for a quote.