PEX Plumbing Kit Review- My Personal Experience

When we were planning our Shed to House Conversion, I decided that we would use PEX plumbing over conventional PVC both for ease of use and affordability. I was fortunate enough to come across a PEX Plumbing Kit that included absolutely everything I needed for the job. I’m writing this PEX Plumbing Kit review based on my personal experience because it was such a good one!

PEX Plumbing Kits

PEX Plumbing Kits are designed specifically for use in tiny houses, cabins, sheds, and shed conversion projects such as ours. The kits include:

  • 100 feet of 1/2″ Blue PEX Cold Water Pipe
  • 100 feet of 1/2″ Red PEX Hot Water Pipe
  • PEX Pipe Cutter
  • 20 1/2″ Brass Elbows
  • 50 1/2″ Stainless Steel Cinch Rings
  • PEX Cinch Tool
  • Cold Supply Copper Manifold with Four Valves
  • Hot Supply Copper Manifold with Four Valves

PEX As Main Water Line

Since we were developing raw land that didn’t have any prior utilites, I had also purchased a 300-foot roll of 3/4″ white PEX to use as the our main water line. PEX is ideal for this because, unlike PVC, it will expand up to five times its original size in a freeze without breaking.

We ran the white 3/4″ PEX line from the water meter at the road to the freeze-proof yard hydrant close to our cabin. I then used a brass T at the hydrant and connected enough 3/4″ PEX to carry water into our building. You can read all the details of this installation in my post Installing Utilities On Our Homestead.

PEX Water Line Install

If your build site already has its primary water line run from the meter, you won’t need to bother with this step like we did. In that case, the PEX Plumbing Kit will provide everything you need to plumb the interior of your tiny house, cabin, or shed conversion.

Exterior PEX Connection


It was an easy process to run the 3/4″ white PEX line from the yard hydrant into our cabin. I secured the pipe to the wall, installed a ball valve for shut off, and sealed up the entry-point with plenty of caulk. Soon after taking this picture, I also installed heat tape and insulated this section of the PEX pipe to keep our water free-flowing even in freezing winter temperatures.

Once the exterior PEX line was connected to the cabin, it was time to run it inside so I could then put my complete PEX Plumbing Kit to good use!


Interior PEX Plumbing

After I installed the main water line going to the cabin, I got busy inside drilling holes in the studs where I wanted to run the PEX tubing. It was quick and easy to run the PEX pipe along the wall to the bathroom area where I needed it to go because it’s so lightweight and flexible.

I had opted for PEX because I knew it was easier to use than rigid PVC, but I was still amazed by just how much easier PEX handles. All it took was a quick measure, an easy snip with the PEX Pipe Cutter included in the kit, and I could guide the pipe exactly where I wanted it. It was great not to need the saw, couplings, elbows, 45’s, or glue and cleaner required when working with PVC piping.

The Manifolds

I was particularly happy with the manifolds that came with the PEX Plumbing Kit. They are high-quality copper, for one thing, and they make the DIY installation so much simpler.

Plus, with four valves per manifold, you have complete shut-off control for your specific water lines. So if you have a problem at the kitchen sink, for example, you don’t need to shut the water off in the entire house while you fix it. I plan to label each valve with permanent marker so anyone in the house will know which valve shuts off the water to a specific location.

A Few Extras – SharkBite Brand

As much as I love the PEX Plumbing Kit, I did run into a few spots where I couldn’t easily make proper connections with the elbows or crimping tool provided. And then there was the connections to the 1″ manifolds to consider.

I ended up purchasing a few SharkBite connectors from my local hardware store to finish out my project.

The image at right shows the area below the manifolds where I used Sharkbite connectors from the main water line and at the outlet to my hot water heater line. Simple enough, and I’m happy with the results.

The PEX Plumbing Kit Saved Me Time and Money

I spent a few hours over two days installing the PEX lines in our small shed conversion once I had mapped the layout of the pipes. I could have easily completed the job in one day if I’d set my mind to it. The PEX Plumbing Kit really does make things that simple for the DIYer!

And though I ultimately purchased a few extra SharkBite connectors to finish my project, I know I saved a lot of time and money by ordering the PEX Plumbing Kit and having everything delivered together to my door. What’s more, I also have enough tubing, crimps, and elbows left over for another project.

Bottom line, the PEX Plumbing Kit greatly simplified one of the most important projects our homestead: providing us with water. Which is why I both recommend this kit and also make it available to my readers in our Homestead Store.

If you have a tiny house, small cabin, shed, or shed conversion that you need to plumb, you’ll definitely find PEX much easier than PVC to install. And you’ll love that everything you need, the PEX Plumbing Kit provides it all.

Happy Plumbing!