Our Homestead Adventure Begins

Last updated on February 7th, 2020 at 12:50 pm

In a couple of weeks we will make another trek to our property in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee.¬†For those of you following our journey, you know it’s been a trying process to reach this point. But at long last Cheri and I will begin work on our dream homestead by getting our property cleared and installing the septic system. We are finally on our way!

It’s been close to a two year process for us to get this far, so we are more than ready to move forward.

I discussed the preliminary planning stages in my previous post Preparing The Land For Our Homestead. There are so many options to consider and details to work out in establishing a new homestead. And of course we want to make the best decisions possible.

Things are about to get exciting, and I’ll be sharing plenty of updates and pictures as the work finally begins.

For now, wish us luck!