Tiny House Regulations North Carolina

Many areas in North Carolina require a Permit for Zoning and Permitting.  Consult with your local authorities and ask what they require.  You may be need to apply for a Variance or Conditional Use Permit to begin your project for Tiny Houses or Conversions. This can be done through your City or County Zoning Board of Adjustments and finally your local Commissioners.

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina:

Effective July 2020 allows for ADUs  ( Accessory Dwelling Units) anywhere within city limits

The new rules allow the construction of accessory dwelling units by right in any residential district in the city. The unit may be attached to the home, detached, or above a garage. The dwellings, which can be no bigger than the primary residence, cannot be mobile and must be attached to a permanent foundation on the property. Only one ADU is allowed per property and can be up to 1,000 square feet depending on the lot size. 

You can find the new Raleigh  City Ordinance HERE 

* Alamance County, North Carolina   

  • Cranmore Meadows Tiny House Community  3154 S NC Hwy 54  Haw River, North Carolina 27258
  • Gaston County, North Carolina Building Permits  ( Above 400 Sq Feet Permits and Permanent Foundations Required)
  • Wilmington, North Carolina:
    • Requires at least 150 square feet for first occupant, and at least 100 square feet per additional occupant.
    • A tiny house must abide by additional housing ordinances.
  • Winston-Salem:
    • Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are allowed on single-family lots as long as they are occupied by relatives, caretakers, etc.
    • Antique and custom-built vehicles presented for first-time titling and registration in North Carolina must be examined and photographed by a local NC Division of Motor Vehicles inspector.
    • Much of how Tiny Houses and Shed Conversions are accepted depends a great deal on what part of the state you live.  While some areas such as Wilmington (on the coast) and the Piedmont ( in the middle state) consider them as ADUs, many areas in Western North Carolina have been more open to allowing them, particularly around the Asheville area.
    • Below you will find a couple of links to communities in Western North Carolina that have allowed and established Tiny House communities.

  Acony Bell Tiny House Village

Simple Life Village near Hendersonville NC

Triple Creek Cottage Community  Cashiers, North Carolina  ( Western North Carolina)

Attached are the NC Manufactured Housing Guidelines for Tiny/Small Houses in North Carolina.

These are ONLY Guidelines from the Office Of State Fire Marshal, and Tiny Houses meeting these guidelines are still regulated or allowed by the local Jurisdictions. Some Jurisdictions may not allow them by local Zoning.  Its best to check with your local county or cities Building and Zoning Inspections Department to determine whether they are legal or not. The below Guidelines are for Manufactured Housing. Many Conversions or Tiny Houses are not certified as Manufactured Housing.


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