I have been Slooow about Blogging!

Some Followers have  been wondering where we have been and what happened to our Blog Posts?

While I seriously wanted to start writing some serious Blog Posts about Homesteading,  Life around our Homestead has been keeping us busy.  I thought I would go ahead and share what we have been up to – What’s worked out — and— What hasn’t!

Back in Mid-February I was installing a Propane Heater in our Home and somehow – someway- I ended up pulling a muscle in my knee.  I am still not sure what happened or what I did. Needless to say I ended up going through the X-Ray’s, MRI’s and subsequent Knee Surgery ( which I didn’t need)  That’s another story for another day–

The Gardening Part —–

Soon after the healing began, my wife and I began our Gardening Adventure. We opted for the Cool idea of raised bed gardening and experimenting with what we could grow and not grow at our new homestead in Tennessee. We found vegetable plants galore at our local Produce stand and at the Mennonite Community a couple of hours away.  We came home with several varieties of Pepper plants, Tomato Plants, Broccoli, Kale, Lettuces, along with a couple of Raspberry bushes. 

She started from seed with Carrots, Arugula, and some other varieties which failed to produce much.  It seems we may have planted too late as they mostly like the cold/cooler weather to survive.

We also enclosed the raised beds in a hand built enclosed area to thwart any intrusion by deer and other hungry creatures. It Seems to be working to keep them at bay with a nice supply of Tomatoes, lettuce, and we are waiting to see what the Broccoli does. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on those!

The Cooking Part—

While my wife has been doing alot of cooking with the Crockpot, a countertop convection oven and an — occasional — Charcoal in ground grilling, we still don’t have a stove yet.  We are really waiting for the time to finish our cabinets and countertops in our kitchen before investing in a small electric range.   We decided in the meantime to purchase a large liquid Propane gas grill which would provide us with many more options for cooking and baking.

Instead of investing that money in a grill and leaving it outside to the elements of nature we decided to build a covered deck to keep it- and us – out of those same elements.

We purchased most of the materials to build from our local Hardware and Lumber Supply store and added on to our existing front porch and cabin. In the near future we have a plan to add an extension to our front porch and screen that in as well. We also purchased the matching roofing metal from our friends at Rocky Top Metals near Spencer Tennessee.  We plan to screen the grilling deck at the same time we build the extended front porch. If you happen to have some interest in building a deck like this stay tuned for my next Blog Post….I’ll be providing simple instructions to Build Your Own!

Our Next Project — We will finally install our ceiling inside our cabin – We have decided on an Industrial Vintage look and will share once it’s completed!

As always, Feel free to write us and ask a question — Or— Just leave a comment and tell us your experiences!


2 thoughts on “I have been Slooow about Blogging!

  1. We’re in TN too! I like to plant my carrot seeds in January, along with other outdoor cole crop seeds and greens (like spinach and radishes). They come up when they’re ready to, or you can throw a dark sheet over top of them to get them to germinate faster. I also like to plant these same things in roughly September (be careful with spinach seed though, this should go in in October, or the heat will kill the seed). Carrots will survive down to 14 degrees in my experience, and even at 14 degrees when the foliage dies, the carrot should be just fine underground and you can still harvest it. Thus, they’re a great winter crop! The same is true of many others. I’ve mentioned these unique crops throughout different posts, but I will be documenting my winter garden on the blog this year because I failed to last year!

    1. Hi Krystal, Thank you for the post and great information. We will be sure to take your suggestions and try them. We are still in the experimenting stages ourselves.

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