Homemade Artisan Bread – Wildgrain Bakes It The Best

If you’re craving homemade artisan bread (and who isn’t?!), you need to check out Wildgrain. They craft amazing artisan loaves, pastries, and pasta using clean ingredients. Wildgrain freezes these goodies and ships them straight to your door. The best part? No thawing! Every item is prepared from frozen, so you can enjoy homemade taste in a flash.

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    Introducing Wildgrain

    Wildgrain was co-founded by Johanna and Ismael, a married couple who went in search of more nutritious carbs for their small family. Along the way, they discovered a lot of other people were searching for the exact same thing.

    So Johanna and Ismael got to work. First, they tested and perfected their own delicious recipes. Second, they incorporated a slow fermentation process into their bread baking to boost the nutritional value. Third, they sourced the cleanest ingredients.

    Finally, they put it all together and created Wildgrain so they could share this goodness with the rest of us:

    We’re now proud to partner with small bakers and pasta makers across the country to keep the tradition of artisanal and nutritious food alive in our broken food system.

    Johanna and Ismael, Co-Founders of Wildgrain

    How Wildgrain Bakes It Better

    Johanna and Ismael learned that the key to healthier bread is fermentation.

    What’s Fermentation?

    Fermentation is a process of chemical change in food or drink caused by the action of yeast or enzymes. Beer, wine, yogurt, and sauerkraut are the most familiar fermented products.

    wildgrain slow fermented three seed bread slices

    And most of us are also familiar with fermented bread. We call it sourdough.

    Sourdough Starter

    Sourdough bread begins with a sourdough starter. This is a simple mixture of water and flour that’s carefully fermented over time.

    The slow fermentation process activates the wild yeast that’s always present in flour (who knew!). Eventually, this simple mixture of water and flour becomes two things:

    • A leavening agent (that makes the bread dough rise)
    • A nutritional powerhouse

    It’s no surprise that the wild yeast that makes Johanna and Ismael’s bread so nutritious also inspired their company name of Wildgrain.

    Nutritional Benefits of Sourdough

    What about sourdough starter makes the bread baked with it more nutritious than regular bread? Quite a lot, actually:

    • Slow fermentation digests much of the gluten in the flour, making sourdough a low-gluten, easy-to-digest bread
    • Wild yeast supports colonies of beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy gut
    • The lactic acid in sourdough helps your body better absorb nutrients
    • Sourdough digests slowly to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels

    If you love bread but normally avoid it because of health concerns, Wildgrain breads are definitely a healthier alternative you’ll want to try.

    Health benefits of homemade artisan bread

    How Wildgrain Works

    Wildgrain offers its baked goods through a commitment-free subscription box service. Simply place your order for either the Wildgrain Bakery Box or the Wildgrain Mixed Box, and you’re all set for monthly deliveries of homemade artisan bread goodness.

    Why a subscription service? Because Wildgrain ships only freshly-baked goods and their slow-fermented baking process takes time. Knowing approximately how many boxes they need to fill each month helps Wildgrain ship only the freshest products while minimizing food waste. They say it best on their website:

    Wildgrain sourdough breads take 26 hours to make, compared to 20 minutes for a supermarket loaf. It is difficult for an artisan-driven company like ours to source high-quality ingredients, staff our bakeries, and hand-shape each loaf without knowing roughly how many members we need to serve each month.

    By becoming a member, you’re eating healthier products, supporting a small business, and helping reduce food waste.

    Johanna and Ismael, Co-Founders of Wildgrain

    The Hassle-Free Wildgrain Membership

    Wildgrain subscription boxes are super-easy to manage. You will always receive a notice 3 days ahead of your scheduled shipment. One click is all it takes to skip delivery until the next month. Plus you can reschedule your deliveries or even cancel your membership altogether at any time.

    Fair warning, though. Once you’ve tasted Wildgrain’s warm-from-the-oven homemade artisan bread, you won’t ever want to cancel!

    homemade artisan bread Wildgrain three seed bread sliced on wood cutting board
    Wildgrain Slow-Fermented Three Seed Bread (A Favorite!)

    Wildgrain Bonuses

    If you’re looking for a few more amazing reasons to become a Wildgrain Bakery Box Member, here you go:

    Free Shipping (That’s Also Eco-Friendly)

    wildgrain shipping box with eco friendly thermal packing

    All Wildgrain orders enjoy free UPS shipping.

    And every order is packed in dry ice with eco-friendly thermal packing material to keep your goodies fresh in transit. Simply transfer your items from the shipping box to your freezer upon delivery. All items are ready to bake from frozen whenever you’re ready to enjoy them, no thawing required.

    Free Sourdough Rolls for Life

    Wildgrain is currently offering Free Sourdough Rolls For Life when you place your order. If this sounds as good to you as it does to us, don’t wait to sign up, as this offer is subject to change.

    Discount Code – Save $10

    Wildgrain has provided us with a discount code exclusively for our readers. Enter HOMESTEAD10 at checkout and receive $10 off your order!

    Choose From Two Wildgrain Bake-From-Frozen Boxes

    There are currently two types of Wildgrain subscription boxes available:

    Wildgrain Bakery Box

    The Wildgrain Box contains bread and pastries only. You will receive a variety of plain and flavored sourdough loaves along with artisan pastries. The selection will change each month. You’ll always get to view the contents of the current month’s box before your order ships.

    Here’s a screenshot of the February 2022 Wildgrain Bakery Box contents:

    wildgrain bakery box contents sample screenshot

    Wildgrain Mixed Box

    The Wildgrain Mixed Box contains loaves and pastries, too, but it also includes delicious hand-cut pasta. Again, the exact contents will change each month. And you’ll always get to view the current month’s goodies before your order ships.

    Here’s a screenshot of the February 2022 Wildgrain Mixed Box contents:

    wildgrain mixed box contents sample screenshot

    Our Wildgrain Mixed Box Review

    When we signed up as a Wildgrain affiliate, we were sent a Wildgrain Mixed Box to sample and review. Lucky us!

    Here’s what we thought of the Wildgrain experience from delivery and storage to baking and enjoying:

    Wildgrain Delivery

    Our Wildgrain order arrived in a sturdy box in excellent condition.

    wildgrain shipping box

    The Inside flap of the box provided a lot of useful information along with a warning not to touch the dry ice used for shipping the frozen foods.

    wildgrain shipping box flap with dry ice warning and disposal instructions

    The dry ice in our box had mostly evaporated by the time we opened the box, but the goodies inside were definitely still frozen. Even though we knew the contents of our box were safe to consume, we appreciated the detailed information that made it clear when to be concerned.

    We removed the top layer of eco-friendly insulation from the box to find our assortment of bread, pastry, and pasta all in good condition:

    contents of insulated Wildgrain shipping box of breads and pastries

    Contents of Our Wildgrain Mixed Box

    The Wildgrain Mixed box we received included the following items:

    Homemade Artisan Bread

    • Sourdough
    • Whole Wheat Sourdough
    • Slow-Fermented 3 Seed Bread
    • Slow-Fermented Cranberry-Pecan Bread

    Hand-Cut Pastas

    • Fettuccine
    • Tonnarelli

    Decadent Pastry

    Chocolate Avalanche Croissants

    Preparing Our Wildgrain Products

    We quickly realized that one of the best things about Wildgrain products is how quickly they go from freezer to table. That’s because each item goes directly from frozen into the oven or, in the case of the pasta, boiling water.

    Not having to thaw the items first means it’s easy to enjoy Wildgrain bread, pasta, or pastries without planning ahead of time.

    Baking the Bread

    Each loaf of Wildgrain bread comes with easy-to-follow baking instructions on the package along with the nutritional information.

    wildgrain sourdough bread baking instructions

    We prefer a softer crust, so we used the wrapped-in-foil instructions found in the center white section of the instructions. We did almost miss this “softer crust” option with the first loaf, so make sure you read through all the instructions carefully before beginning.

    Since our oven runs hot, we kept a close eye on the baking process and found our loaf was toasty brown a few minutes faster than the suggested time. We took the bread out of the oven at this point, but it wasn’t quite ready yet…

    An important step in the baking process is the resting time after the loaf comes out of the oven. This is because the dough continues to bake even as it cools. Be sure, therefore, to allow enough time in your preparations to take this baking-while-cooling period into account. Otherwise your bread will be underbaked.

    Tasting the Bread

    There really is nothing quite like homemade artisan bread warm from the oven!

    Sampling every loaf of bread in our Wildgrain Mixed Box has been a treat. The crust of each loaf was slightly crispy but not crunchy since we used the foil-wrapped baking method for a softer crust. Interior textures were soft and slightly chewy. And every specially-flavored loaf felt like a decadent treat. Our personal favorite so far has been the Three Seed loaf.

    Preparing the Pasta

    wildgrain frozen pasta packages

    One of the first things we noticed about the Wildgrain pasta was how quickly it could be prepared from frozen to finished. Per the instructions on the back of the packages, the 12 ounces of pasta only needs 6-8 minutes in a rolling boil.

    You’ll definitely want to have your sauce ready before these tasty noodles hit the pot!

    For best results, you’ll want to give this pasta plenty of gentle stirring while it boils. This is because the strands need to be separated as thawing occurs.

    You won’t be disappointed by the results:

    wildgrain fettucine noodles in strainer
    Wildgrain Hand-Cut Fettucine Noodles

    Sampling the Pasta

    So what did we think of Wildgrain pasta? Honestly, it elevated an everyday pasta dinner into something that tasted as if it came from a fine Italian restaurant!

    Wildgrain Hand-Cut Tonnarelli Pasta with Our Homemade Meat Sauce – Yum!

    The noodles boiled up quickly to a pleasant al dente, and there was a fullness of texture dried pasta just can’t match. The pasta themselves were not flavored, but they added a richness to both the white and red sauces we sampled them with.

    We definitely look forward to enjoying more Wildgrain hand-cut pasta in the future!

    Baking the Pastry – Chocolate Avalanche Croissant

    Trust us when we say the Wildgrain Chocolate Avalanche Croissants are every bit as decadent as they sound. What a treat!

    Baking them, however, did not go exactly according to package directions. Nothing major, but something to be aware of with your Wildgrain pastries.

    package of frozen wildgrain chocolate avalance croissants
    Wildgrain Chocolate Avalanche Croissants (Still Frozen)

    The package included four chocolate croissants that we baked two at a time. The instructions called for 25-30 minutes at 390°, but our croissants were quite golden brown after only 15 minutes.

    Thankfully we were keeping a close eye on the baking process so didn’t burn our croissants. But it was a good reminder that, per package instructions, we should keep a close eye on our Wildgrain products while they are in the oven. This is especially true for delicate pastries.

    Sampling The Pastry

    The Wildgrain Chocolate Avalanche Croissants did not disappoint! Though they are so sweet we were glad we decided to serve them alongside a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage.

    Wildgrain Chocolate Avalanche Croissant

    The croissant pastry was flaky, a bit crunchy on the outside but plenty tender on the inside.

    The chocolate filling was very rich, at least for our tastes, but it was not overdone. The croissants paired nicely with breakfast and coffee on a slow morning, but they would also make a great afternoon snack or after-dinner dessert. And they are definitely elegant enough for company. If you can force yourself to share, that is.

    Homemade Artisan Bread – Wildgrain Makes It Easy

    If you’ve been searching for healthier carbs, Wildgrain is your answer.

    By becoming a Wildgrain member, you get the benefits of slow-fermented nutrition and warm-from-the-oven comfort delivered free right to your door. What could be simpler!

    And don’t forget to grab your Free Sourdough Rolls For Life and $10 off your order with our exclusive code: HOMESTEAD10

    We enjoyed every Wildgrain item we sampled, and we’re confident you will, too. Give Wildgrain a try then let us know what you think.

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