Tiny House Regulations Hawaii

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by City or County.
  • Tiny homeowners can purchase a plot of land for their tiny house.
  • Tiny homeowners can find a private party that will allow the tiny home on their land.
  • Tiny homes are likely not allowed in areas where there are restrictive covenants (CC&Rs).
  • Tiny houses on wheels need to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles as a travel trailer.
  • Tiny houses on wheels count as dwelling units, but are subject to strict zoning restrictions.

The Hawaii Tiny House Initiative was launched with the goal of first solving the farm worker housing challenges faced on Hawaii Island. Farm dwellings are allowed by County code on working Agricultural lots, if they are at least 220 square feet with a living area, kitchen and bathroom. Another issue that many Native Hawaiians face are the rising prices of housing and land in a state that relies heavily on tourism.

The  following information concerning the State of Hawaii, and in particular Maui County was written by Blogger and Author Eric Blair at MauiGoodness.com  We encourage you to conduct your own research to make informed decisions.


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