Tiny House Regulations Florida

The State of Florida as a whole has adopted a statewide building code which is linked below:

Florida Building Code Standards

These are recently introduced Companion Bills in the Florida Legislature in February 2019 to allow Tiny Houses. Please note that this is not yet law until passed by both Chambers in the Florida Legislature and signed into law.

HB801  Introduced by Representative Eskamani

SB1268 Introduced by Senator Book


There are communities in Florida who have adopted or passed Ordinances which allow Tiny Houses or ADU’s ( Accessory Dwelling Units) in their communities. One of the most friendly communities in nation which now allow Tiny Houses ( and specifically name them in the ordinance) is Rockledge Florida on Florida’s East Coast.  Below you will find the Ordinances for Tiny Houses:



Also Included are Ordinances pertaining to ADU’s in St Petersburg, Florida. Please keep in mind that ADUs are usually referencing what are known as Mother In Law suites or Guest Houses and most must be constructed in backyards of existing homes. Each location can have various rules and regulations that apply.  St. Petersburg requires the floor area of any accessory dwelling unit to be no less than 375 square feet, and cannot exceed 750 square feet.

St Pete Florida ADU Regulations

Sarasota county requires a tiny house on wheels that stays in an RV park for more than 45 days to have a foundation.

In Orange County ( Orlando), the minimum square footage of an ADU is 400 feet.

City Of Longwood, Florida ( Seminole County)


Tiny houses on wheels must be registered at a DMV in Florida. All DMVs for Titles and Registrations are located at your County Tax Collectors Office.

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