Tiny House Regulations Colorado

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Walsenburg, Colorado has made it easier to build a tiny house. They waived minimum square footage, stairway regulations, and reduced the requirement for exit door width.
  • Park County, a popular destination for tiny house enthusiasts, has more specific allowances for tiny houses:*
    • Living room of not less than 220 square feet with an additional 100 square feet for every occupant in excess of two people.
    • Separate closet.
    • Kitchen sink, cooking appliance and a refrigeration unit, each having a clear working space of not less than 30 inches.
    • Separate bathroom with a water closet, lavatory, shower and/or bathtub.
    • All light, ventilation and life safety requirements must be met regardless of dwelling size.
    • In cases where the efficiency dwelling unit is not a component of a multi-unit structure, provisions for mechanical equipment (heat, hot water, pressure tank, etc) will be required as well.
    • Lyons, Colorado Approves Tiny Houses: Effective January 7, 2019 Ordinance #1047 makes it legal to live in a Tiny House as an ADU.
    • Lyons Colorado Proposed Ordinance for Tiny Houses

*Please Note: This only applies to stick-built dwellings. Modular and Manufactured dwelling still require a 600 sq. foot footprint at grade level per the Park County Land Use Regulations.

While not recognized on a statewide level, many counties have begun to modify their laws to be tiny house friendly–particularly in the case of accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

The State of Colorado and many other jurisdictions in Colorado are considering Tiny Houses as Recreational Vehicles and must meet the certification standards for RV’s.  It is commonly known that it is not legal to live in an RV permanently. Below you will find a link for a recent news story on the difficulties in Colorado.


For a Shed to be converted to housing in Colorado, they must meet the current IRC and more. It is unknown if or when Colorado or any of its jurisdictions will adopt Appendix Q related to Tiny Houses.

Boulder City Council has Adopted Appendix Q  ( 1/2020)  (Ordinance will be posted when available)

Promising News for Colorado Springs area

Lyons Colorado Proposed Ordinance for Tiny Houses

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