An Update On Our Homestead Progress

Some followers have  been wondering where we have been and what has happened to our blog posts. While I wanted to start writing some serious blog posts about homesteading, life around our own property has been keeping us a little too busy.  But I knew it was time to share a … Read More

Homestead, Here We Come!

After years of planning and many trials and delays, we finally made the move in January 2018 from the crowded suburbs of Tampa, Florida to a peaceful corner of Tennessee’s rural Cumberland Plateau. I set out driving our moving truck while my wife, Cheri, and her kids followed in her … Read More

Installing Utilities On Our Homestead

Once we had our land cleared and septic system installed, we thought our progress would move quickly. We were wrong. Instead we experienced some frustrating delays in trying to get electric to our property. Finally, however, we’re installing utilites on our homestead. And it’s about time! A Month-Long Battle Our … Read More

Installing Our Homestead Septic System

At long last, after years of planning and dreaming, we were finally ready to clear our homestead property and get our septic system installed. This would be the all-important first step in converting the raw land we’d purchased into a place we could eventually call home. After all the setbacks … Read More

Our Homestead Adventure Begins

In a couple of weeks we will make another trek to our property in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. For those of you following our journey, you know it’s been a trying process to reach this point. But at long last Cheri and I will begin work on our dream homestead … Read More

Preparing The Land For Our Homestead

Over the past few weeks my wife and I have discussed our next moves to get our future homestead going and making it livable.  We really needed to decide how we want the property laid out, where the cabin will be placed, and other necessities that we will need. Since … Read More