How To Install A Propane Wall Heater

We have a 12,000 BTU Mini Split Unit installed in our cabin, but we have experienced some spotty electric outages that make it clear we need a back-up heat source. A propane wall heater makes a good choice for anyone who needs to keep warm if the power goes off. In … Read More

How To Test For Lead On Your Homestead

Many homesteaders enjoy re-purposing vintage materials and using antiques around their property. Unfortunately there is a danger that many older items can be contaminated with lead, which was once a commonly used material. Thankfully there’s an easy, inexpensive way for anyone to test for lead that works great. We know, … Read More

How To Dig A Well On Your Property

I know I have often thought about drilling a well or simply being satisfied with a public water system on our property.  Many times the costs are less when connecting to a public water supply, but the water isn’t always the best! After all, water just isn’t something you can … Read More