How To Find The Perfect House For Growing Medicinal Plants

Growing medicinal plants is becoming more popular as natural medicines once deemed “alternative” become mainstream. More people are taking control of their health and exploring non-pharmaceutical alternatives. If you are interested in naturopathic options, you can easily grow your own herbal apothecary if you have the right space. Here’s how … Read More

How To Make Your Living From Your Land

baby chick how to make your living from your land featured image

Many people are foregoing city life to live in rural areas where they can have more space, freedom, and even business opportunities. If you’re a homesteader interested in finding creative ways to make money off your land, your options are numerous. This article will set you on the right path … Read More

How To Prevent Condensation In Your Home

Condensation in the home can be a serious problem. It can cause damage to buildings as well as mold-related health issues. Here’s how to prevent condensation in your home. What Causes Condensation in the Home Condensation is the collection of water droplets that result when warm, moist air collides with … Read More

How To Connect A Portable Generator To Your Cabin

Losing power can be more than an inconvenience. During extreme weather conditions, it can be deadly. Here’s how to connect a portable generator to your cabin so you’ll be prepared to survive the worst. Common Reasons Power Outages Occur Most of us use grid-tied energy for our personal comfort and … Read More

Hemp House Construction – Is There a Value?

I’ve recently encountered people discussing the merits of hemp house construction over conventional techniques. The question for many homesteaders is typically this: how can I build a home that’s safe, affordable, and has an insulation factor that can handle the summer heat and winter cold? Most homesteaders want something they … Read More