Blogging…Hopefully, sometime soon again!

We sure haven’t had the opportunity to post since February as we have been busy working on our new Cabin and making it livable. Having it positioned into place, the installation of plumbing, electrical, insulation and sheetrock, we have been super busy trying to get ready. With a couple more big projects to complete ( like flooring and add ons) I should be able to resume the blog and updates very soon. You can bet we will post about our progress with pictures and show you how far along we have come. In the meantime, we have added some new shopping features to the Homestead Store so be sure to check out the great buys we have for your Homestead including our TreeTribe link. For every purchase made of those Eco Friendly products Ten trees are planted and we get a little extra for selling them. It doesn’t cost you anymore than your purchase price.

Many updates are normally posted on our Facebook Page of the same name so be sure to take a look and see what we have been up to. Also be sure to visit our sister Facebook page Shed to House Conversions A to Z and join us!

Until very soon!