Installing Our Homestead Septic System

At long last, after years of planning and dreaming, we were finally ready to clear our homestead property and get our septic system installed. This would be the all-important first step in converting the raw land we’d purchased into a place we could eventually call home. After all the setbacks … Read More

How To Test For Lead On Your Homestead

Many homesteaders enjoy re-purposing vintage materials and using antiques around their property. Unfortunately there is a danger that many older items can be contaminated with lead, which was once a commonly used material. Thankfully there’s an easy, inexpensive way for anyone to test for lead that works great. We know, … Read More

Our Homestead Adventure Begins

In a couple of weeks we will make another trek to our property in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. For those of you following our journey, you know it’s been a trying process to reach this point. But at long last Cheri and I will begin work on our dream homestead … Read More

How To Plant An Onion That Has Sprouted

Guest Post by Lucy Clark. Don’t be too quick to think your onions have gone bad! Did you know that you can plant an onion that has sprouted? If not, then now you know it’s possible to add spice and yummy flavors to raw or cooked dishes through growing your … Read More

Preparing The Land For Our Homestead

Over the past few weeks my wife and I have discussed our next moves to get our future homestead going and making it livable.  We really needed to decide how we want the property laid out, where the cabin will be placed, and other necessities that we will need. Since … Read More

How To Become A Prepper – Without Even Trying!

Guest Post by Dan Sullivan If the title puzzles you, it’s because, as a homesteader, you’re already prepped for various emergencies and may not even know it. You already make your own food, harvest rainwater, raise animals, maybe even have a generator or a few solar panels. Unlike most people … Read More

Beekeeping 101: A Personal Guide Part 2

After we became accidental beekeepers, we would spend months adapting to our newfound hobby. Sometimes we would be successful. Other times, not so much. Beekeeping, we discovered, has quite a learning curve. After we finally had our hive in the proper place, we spent quite a bit of time watching … Read More

Beekeeping 101: A Personal Guide Part 1

My wife and I began our beekeeping adventure after a day at work turned into a honeybee rescue of sorts. One of the tenants at the Condominium complex where I was working noticed a large swarm of bees in the soffit of a building stairwell. I decided to go and … Read More

How To Dig A Well On Your Property

I know I have often thought about drilling a well or simply being satisfied with a public water system on our property.  Many times the costs are less when connecting to a public water supply, but the water isn’t always the best! After all, water just isn’t something you can … Read More