Tiny House Regulations Colorado

Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county. Walsenburg, Colorado has made it easier to build a tiny house. They waived minimum square footage, stairway regulations, and reduced the requirement for exit door width. Park County, a popular destination for tiny house enthusiasts, has more specific … Read More

Tiny House Regulations California

California Information Bulletin on Tiny Houses/Cabins: California Tiny House Legality Update –  ( For Further Information Contact Dan Fitzpatrick with American Tiny House Association)  Effective Date  January 1, 2020 California Building Code Update – Appendix Q Tiny Houses: In recent discussions and emails with key staff of CA Department of … Read More

Tiny House Regulations Arkansas

Arkansas Building Code: Rogers, Arkansas allows tiny homes in a residential area if they’re built from the ground up on the property with a foundation. Rogers has rezoned a section of lots near Bella Vista Lake Park to allow for the development of tiny houses. It appears many of the … Read More

Tiny House Regulations Arizona

Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county. Pima County Tiny houses built on foundations are legal in any zones that allow detached single family dwellings. Tiny houses built on a chassis where the suspension/axle components have been removed and the chassis permanently attached on a … Read More

Tiny House Regulations Alaska

Alaska Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county. Anchorage: Tiny houses on wheels are treated as RVs and restricted to R-5 zones. Tiny houses on foundations or manufactured homes, face fewer location restrictions. They will require a conditional use permit and building codes will need … Read More

Tiny House Regulations Alabama

ALABAMA Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county. Although tiny houses are not specifically addressed; Jefferson County permits accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in certain districts that are no more than 200 square feet. According to Alabama Tiny Homes, tiny houses are still in the process … Read More

How To Conserve Energy at Home: What You Can Do

Guest Post by Andrew Dang. People are constantly looking for new and improved ways to save energy everywhere they go. They frequently try to save energy at work. They try to save energy in their own homes as well. If you want to be an energy conservation champion in your … Read More

Homestead, Here We Come!

After years of planning and many trials and delays, we finally made the move in January 2018 from the crowded suburbs of Tampa, Florida to a peaceful corner of Tennessee’s rural Cumberland Plateau. I set out driving our moving truck while my wife, Cheri, and her kids followed in her … Read More

Installing Utilities On Our Homestead

Once we had our land cleared and septic system installed, we thought our progress would move quickly. We were wrong. Instead we experienced some frustrating delays in trying to get electric to our property. Finally, however, we’re installing utilites on our homestead. And it’s about time! A Month-Long Battle Our … Read More