Tiny House Regulations Arizona

Last updated on February 7th, 2020 at 07:21 pm

  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Pima County
    • Tiny houses built on foundations are legal in any zones that allow detached single family dwellings.
    • Tiny houses built on a chassis where the suspension/axle components have been removed and the chassis permanently attached on a permanent foundation will be treated as factory-built buildings allowable only in certain zones.
    • Minimum dwelling/room/ceiling height/windows/door/fixture/accessibility dimensions do not apply.
    • Ladders may replace a staircase to loft areas.
    • Loft areas may have reduced fall protection.
    • Number of electrical circuits may be reduced to reflect loads.
    • Alternative compliance with NFPA 501 for mechanical/electrical systems are recognized.
    • Pima County (Tucson, AZ area)a THOW is considered a manufactured home and is allowed to be parked on property that is zoned for such – 
      however, it is required to have it’s own meters for all utilities (electric, water/sewer, gas, etc.) . . . it doesn’t matter whether it’s 150 sq ft THOW or a triple wide manufactured home placed on the property 
      in most cases, this would require property of a size between 1 acre and 8 acres
      it would also be subject to the ‘impact fee’ (average of $5,000) when permitting for placement
      likely a BETTER option for me
    • – building on site as a ‘guest house’

      – a guest house may be built on property that is more than 16,000 sq ft (.38 acres)
      – a guest house must have less than 45% sq ft of the primary residence 
      there are a few other ‘requirements’ ie: be at a certain distance from property line, located at least 3 feet from primary residence, etc.

Pima County has directly addressed regulations surrounding tiny houses in an effort to accommodate those who are interested in downsizing. Coconino County, Arizona is another area that is on its way to supporting the tiny house community. They are currently starting the discussion for tiny house zoning and coding rules. Unfortunately, the rest of Arizona currently does not have regulations for tiny houses at this time.

Apache County Arizona Adopts Codes Allowing Tiny Houses:

Apache County Arizona Tiny Houses


This link to ADOH website – https://housing.az.gov/manufactured-housing – will provide you with more details about MHD requirements. I have also attached a pdf from Coconino Co. as an example of what a local jurisdiction may require, though each jurisdiction will vary on their requirements.


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