Tiny House Regulations Alaska


  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Anchorage:
    • Tiny houses on wheels are treated as RVs and restricted to R-5 zones.
    • Tiny houses on foundations or manufactured homes, face fewer location restrictions. They will require a conditional use permit and building codes will need to be met.
    • Tiny homes on municipal property must be connected to water and sewage.

Interest in tiny houses appear strong state-wide, however, there are currently few tiny houses in the state at the present time. At the moment, tiny houses aren’t “officially” allowed in the city of Anchorage, but with a conditional use permit it may be possible. Areas around the cities are slightly more flexible, but no specific tiny house building codes exist yet.

Various other deferred jurisdictions may have a different view on whether they allow or accept the concept as meeting the intent, if not the letter, of the adopted codes. You would need to contact those jurisdictions directly.

Outside of the deferred jurisdictions, the State of Alaska does not regulate detached single- and two-family dwellings. If the tiny house is being used for an application where you have more than two non-separated dwelling units (e.g. IBC Group R-2), then you’ll need to work with the State.

Mark Panilo- Chapter President;  Alaska Chapter of International Code Council

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