Tiny House Regulations Alabama


  • Tiny house regulations and codes may vary by city, town, or county.
  • Although tiny houses are not specifically addressed; Jefferson County permits accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in certain districts that are no more than 200 square feet.

According to Alabama Tiny Homes, tiny houses are still in the process of becoming widely accepted. Hopefully counties that allow ADUs will eventually include tiny houses under a similar definition.

The State of Alabama regulates Manufactured Housing ( which are Mobile or Modular Homes constructed in a factory setting and licensed by the State of Alabama and certified. The Manufactured Housing code is listed below:


Alabama does not have a statewide building code. The Building Code implementation and compliance are both regulated and enforced on a local or jurisdictional level.

The Residential Energy Code for Alabama (RECA 2004) is based on the 2000 Version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). RECA meets or exceeds the 2000 version of the IECC except for the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) for glass.

RECA 2004 is a voluntary code that allows builders, architects, home designers and code inspectors a simplified method to determine how much insulation to put into the attic, walls and floor, windows and doors and their maximum allowed areas, as well as the minimum energy efficiency rating of heating, cooling, and water heating equipment to install.

RECA 2004 can be found in the link below:


We would strongly suggest that you decide the location in Alabama that you may be interested in living small. Then contact that local government or visit their website  and ask what, if any, code requirements exist.

In many areas it seems if you build away from moderate or high population areas, you shouldn’t incur any problems. The State hasn’t passed much legislation, if any, dealing with Tiny Houses or small homes.  As in anything it’s always best to check and make sure nothing has changed.

At a later date we will add a list of Community Groups and contact information for existing groups in Alabama involved in the Tiny House trend in Alabama. We also plan to add a list of Contractors.  We want to perform our due diligence to be sure these groups and companies do exist before we post them.

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